Dot Peen Technology

Rapid, high performance dot peen marking solution

Dot peen engraving machines work by electromechanically striking a carbide or diamond stylus assembly against the surface of a part to be marked. The result is a succession of dots to create digits, text, logos, and 2D data matrix codes. Each such dot is the result of a pulsed current that runs through a solenoid, punches a magnet toward the surface, and subsequently returns the stylus to its starting position, awaiting the next pulse. Because each pulse occurs in only a fraction of a second, an entire 2D data matrix code, for example, can be completed in seconds (depending on the size). 

Frequency can be adjusted by controlling the speed of the X and Y axes movements. What makes SIC Marking's dot peen marking systems so unique is the constant measurement of the electrical current between each pulse. This allows for constant, precise control of the impact consistency. 

Notable Characteristics: 

  • Cost effective
  • Requires no consumables
  • High speed accuracy
  • Will mark any material (including hardened steel)
  • Compressed air is not required.  

SIC Marking's dot peen marking technology has made us a world leader in industrial traceability.


Given their particular focus on global quality systems and unique component identification requirements, dot peen marking technology is widely used throughout the automotive and aerospace industries. Because dot peen marking systems are particularly suitable for the permanent marking of any surface material, the technology is also widely used in agricultural machinery, the oil & gas industry, metal working industries, electronics components, transportation and logistics industries, construction equipment, and many more. 

Handheld Dot Peen Markers

SIC Marking's handheld dot peen markers are a portable solution suitable for working environments where maneuverability and versatility are essential. Find the perfect solution in one of our series of portable dot peen markers below: 

E1 SERIES: Engineered with enhanced portability and maneuverability, the e1 range is the latest development of portable dot peen markers. 

  • e1 p63c (60 mm x 25 mm marking window)
  • e1 p123 (120 mm x 40 mm marking window)

E10 SERIES: The advanced e10 range is an upgrade to the e9 series. 

  • e10 p63 (60 mm x 25 mm marking window)
  • e10 p123 (120 x 40 mm marking window)

Integrated Dot Peen Marking Solutions

SIC Marking's dot peen marking systems have the option of being integrated directly into production lines. Such systems are designed for integrators who will appreciate their compact design, long-term reliability, and high marking speeds. With three customizable options to choose from, we're sure to have what you need:  

  • e10R i53: Easiest machine to integrate; has a 50 mm x 20 mm marking window. 
  • e10R i83: 80 mm x 70 mm marking window. 
  • e10R i141: 150 mm x 100 mm marking window. 

Column-Mounted Dot Peen Markers

SIC Marking's dot peen marking systems are available as individual work stations with an independent controller. This solution is designed primarily as a secondary marking process that operates alongside production lines. Each product has been engineered to ensure a long life and rugged reliability no matter what the working environment: 

  • e10 c153: High powered, table top marking with a standard size marking window (160 mm x 100 mm). 
  • e10 c303: High powered, table top marking with a large marking window (300 mm x 150 mm). 
  • e10 c153 z-a: Equipped with an automatic Z-Axis for increased versatility
  • ec1: Table top dot peen marking system

Dot peen is ideally suited for the permanent marking of metals and plastic parts, regardless of the surface properties or working environment. Dot peen engraving machines are available as individual work stations (column-mounted), integrated systems in production lines, or portable handheld units.