Marking on crankcases and arm extremities - Dot peen marking


This project consists mainly of arm extremities marking. However, the customer would also like to achieve a recovery or marking after assembly at a later stage of production on assembled or machined crankcases. The assembled or machined crankcases have a mass of about 100kg. The markings are alphanumeric characters and data matrix codes.

Customer Focus:

The solution consists of a fixed frame that supports a dot peen marking system with a controller, a barcode and data matrix reader, and an i141 marking head mounted on a reclining electric Z axis. Mounted on a pivot the marking head can be positioned at the correct angle corresponding to the marking area. The i141 marking head has an autosensing option which allows the stylus to detect the surface to be marked. The arm extremities and crankcases are positioned on two separate trolleys. The arm extremities are clamped on a rotary table with several specific tools. The crankcases are placed on a mandrel with four jaws that re-centers and clamps the part. The entire system is placed in a soundproof room.

Marking solution:

  • Dot peen marking of alphanumeric characters and data matrix codes
  • Character height: 4mm (reference code and serialization)
  • Marking complying with aeronautical DT05-89 standards