Corporate Values

SIC Marking's values

Our business is based on permanent identification and complete traceability of industrial products and components. Since 1986, SIC Marking designs, manufactures and distributes dot peen, scribing and laser marking machines.
With 20 years of experience, the group has become an international leader on the market. SIC Marking is able to design applications for a wide range of materials, such as steel, alloys, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, and plastics.

Founding Values

Excellence, expertise and innovation are the values inscribed in SIC Marking's DNA. Driven by its strong principles, the company and its employees have built trusting relationships with various customers. Thanks to this commitment, SIC Marking has become a performing group, in constant development worldwide.

SIC Marking is a group with a strong ambition (40M € by 2019) and sustained growth of 10% per year. Its international orientation (80% of the turnover) suggests a promising outlook.

This expansion is possible thanks to the commitment of all the employees who demonstrate pragmatism to bring solutions to our customers's issues.

A true team spirit allows every employee to manage different missions and projects within the company, all of this, in a convivial and human dimension.