Adaptive design

Knowing our customers and their needs, anticipating and meeting their expectations: this is SIC Marking's goal. Thanks to our R&D and Design departments, we adapt to meet ever-changing market developments. SIC Marking offers unique marking and traceability solutions. We have developed proximity services to advise our customers in the best possible way and build long-lasting and quality relationships.

The design of our products is made with common sense, pragmatism and efficiency.

E-Mark : a system elaborated entirely with users

The story began 10 years ago with the popularization of cordless screwdrivers. DIY enthusiasts and building professionals discover more versatile tools which improve safety and performance on construction sites. The idea of designing a wireless marking machine then emerged. From this moment, our teams started a technology watch (test of battery elements) and technical feasibility phases. Next came the cost analysis which delayed the economic interest of the project. Then year after year, the brakes on design and development were lifted one by one. The first prototypes indicated a strong interest of users but it was still necessary to modify several elements of the product to reach a market launch in 2015. The commercial success has been immediate and "marks" spirits in a rather conservative traceability sector.