Dot peen plate chargers


The customer is a specialist in stainless steel manufacture. He would like to identify large bars of metal as well as coils of steel wire. To do this, he wishes to mark stainless steel plates by unit or by series. The marking will consist of alphanumeric and datamatrix codes (read before thermal treatment). The plates must be strong and the marking deep as they can be subsequently heated or soaked in acid treatments. Marking stations in operation must not be noisy. An additional marking system must also be provided in case of a breakdown.

Customer Focus:

The three marking stations consist of a plate feeder, a c153 marking machine and an iso-phonic box. The marking machines are identical except for the plate evacuation system.
For the identification of the metal bars, the machine is equipped with a discharge ramp. The operator takes the plates delivered one by one on the unloading ramp and fixes them directly on the bars.
For the traceability of the wire coils, the plates are marked in series of 50 in FIFO. Once recovered in the evacuation / storage system, they are fixed with a metal wire around the coil.
The backup marking station does not have a module for unloading the plates. In case of breakdown, the unloading module is added to the additional marking station. All marking systems are located in iso-phonic boxes, which considerably limits the level of decibels.

Marking solution:

  • Dot peen deep marking
  • Marking of 80x80x0.7mm stainless steel plates
  • One way ramp or FIFO evacuation of marked plates
  • Iso-phonic housing
  • Back-up marking station adaptable to both plate discharge modules