i104 Easy Laser marking head

Great value for money

The i104 Easy marking head meets 80% of applications at a much lower cost.


High quality marking on a large number of materials and difficult surface conditions.

Easy communication

Optional Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet / IP cards

Ease of integration

Reduced size and weight of the laser marking head





2D datamatrix code

Bar code


QR code

Reliable Laser System for high quality Marking

Our Easy laser marking systems are designed to increase productivity on stations dedicated to component marking and traceability. They are equipped with a SIC Marking fiber laser source doped with Ytterbium that is now a proven technology.

The i104 Easy marking head is designed to mark at high operating rates in any industrial environment. It allows high quality marking on a large number of materials (steel, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, plastics ...). The i103 Easy laser marking head accurately marks high definition logos, alphanumeric codes, but also 1D, 2D and data matrix codes.

Its compact design makes our laser marking head very easy to integrate on any production line or robotic cell. Moreover, its autonomous operation allows it to be easily controlled by a PLC. Our laser machines can be integrated on all production lines that use Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet / IP fieldbus (optional communication cards).

SIC Marking Group offers competitive products that strictly meet our customer's marking needs and have a fast ROI. The i103 Easy fiber laser head meets 80% of applications at a much lower cost. Our customer pays the right price while having when necessary solutions that meet his specific needs. Various options such as 3D marking or integrated vision system can be added at any time if our customers wish so.

Mechanic features

Marking Window:

60 x 60 mm 100 x 100 mm - 170 x 170mm

Focal Distance:

please download the i104 Easy product sheet

Weight of Controller:

19 kg

Weight of Marking Head:

5 kg


Class 4 (EN60825-1 standard)


Standalone Mode (without PC)

Electronic features

The i104 Easy fiber laser marking solution has been designed to operate with our Fiber Unit controller. 


Pulsed Ytterbium Fiber Laser

Operation Mode:

Pulsed (30 à 60 kHz)


1064 nm

Optical Fiber Length:

3 m

Average Power:

20W, available in 30W

Peak Power:

7 kw


Built-In Laser Pointer


Air-Cooled Only

Steering software

i104 Easy laser marking equipment operates on standalone mode, connected to the production PLC. The creation and modification of files can be done from any PC with a Windows OS using the SIC Laser Advanced software. A full range of customizable parameters are available which allow the user to optimize cycle time and improve contrast and colors by changing the speed, frequency, and power settings. 


RS 232 / Ethernet interfaces

Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet/IP (optional cards)

I / O for cycle management

Test COM software


3D marking function: automatic adjustment of the marking area


  • Laser marking on parts with collars, hollow, inclined or rounded surfaces at different heights
  • Height compensation up to 80 mm. The automatic adjustment of the marking area is from + 40 to - 40, which gives the possibility to mark on larger heights
  • Quick reference change



  • Ease of integration
  • Adjusting of the working distance by software
  • No movement of the head to change the marking area

Integrated vision function

Once the cycle is started, the 2D code is immediately read after the marking. The reader communicates the result (content of the code and grade): a PLC or a software then analyzes the data.


  • Integration of a high-resolution camera in the marking head
  • Marking and reading of codes on all types of materials and difficult surface conditions
  • Reading of 2D standard codes (QR-Code, Datamatrix)



  • Time saving and productivity gain
  • Immediate marking and reading without movement between operations
  • Reading takes place in the code’s axis, there is no image deformation

Marking control according to ISO 29158, ISO 15415, ISO 9132 standards

Communication cards

SIC Marking systems can be connected to industrial networks without any additional equipment. Already equipped with full connectivity (digital I/O, Ethernet TCP/IP, RS232...), our systems also offer many features to interact with all the elements that set up their environment. Our machines can be easily integrated on all production lines using Profinet, Profibus and Ethernet/IP.  Direct connection to the industrial network provides considerable time saving. It also reduces the cost of machinery installation, of engineering and of commissioning.


Automatic Z axis 50-250mm stroke


The digital Z axis allows the marking head to access difficult areas or mark on several levels in one cycle. Available in various sizes.



  • Part markings on different levels
  • Can avoid obstacles in the marking area
  • Allows displacement marking head for part removal
  • Compact and easy to integrate, reduced integration costs
  • Cost-effective solution

Fume extractor


Extracts fumes & small particles produced by laser marking applications. Delivered complete with a pre-filter, a submicron particle high efficiency filter & a carbon filter.



  • Respect of environmental standards
  • Compliance with labour law

Prevents fouling of the marking lens and workstation